Different types of explainer video animations

Our team of professionals can produce the 3 main types of explainer video animation. The key question now is what type of explainer videos is the optimal choice for you.

Let us explain.


Whiteboard video animation

Whiteboard animation is an up to date video style that uses static images that are animated in a way that looks like a real hand is drawing the story on the screen. Images can be black and white or we can add colours and make them come across even cooler.

Normally, animation is accompanied by a narration that smoothly walks the viewer through the story that is clear and understandable. Animations are simple but extremely engaging. When you start watching whiteboard video, it makes you want to see the whole story. You cannot stop until you get the complete message.

Whiteboard animation is becoming an important part of any successful marketing plan.

Cut-out video animation

Cut-out animations are one of the oldest forms of animations. They are normally created either with a real camera and hand movement or as digital animation.

We have the expertise to create a digital version, which enables numerous of option for our clients. The main advantage is the simplicity to edit.

The animation looks like a paper cut-out of an image, which is placed on the screen by a hand, which creates a story or explains a product or service. Animation gives a realistic and more important professional appearance that provides above average results in digital advertising.

2D video animation

2D animation is a computer-based animation of digital images that are colourful and cartoon-like. 2D animations are extremely engaging and they definitely catch viewer’s attention.

Because most of the potential customers were growing up watching cartoons, they can truly relate to this kind of animations and keep the focus on the core message through the entire video. The animation is most often playful, teasing and with a great sense of humour.

2D animation represents a really effective way to deliver a complex message to the viewer. This is the main reason why it has the power to facilitate and persuade the viewer to make the next step and buy the product.