Importance of storytelling in business

Importance of storytelling in business

When were you last attracted by a tense story that fully occupied your mind and soul? When did you last feel that you really need to continue reading or watching something to find out what will happen at the end?  

Stories that attract our attention

Many appealing stories are all around us. Usually, we find them in books, films, speeches or articles. Do you still remember Norma Jeane? You are probably wondering right now who she is?  She was one of the most famous, iconic actresses. She made an unbelievable transformation from unknown model to the glorious and desirable Marilyn Monroe. Her story was so astonished that her name is still well known all over the globe despite her death more than 50 years ago.

High level of storytelling awareness

The fact is that stories help people to understand, why exactly they need your product. The stories bring life into the products and help to sell thousands of products every day. The importance of storytelling is at a great level of awareness in the business community, but only a few companies are really using the power of it.  

One of the greatest storyteller was definitely Steve Jobs. His statements are still alive, while they stand out from the average mindset. I still remember some of Steve Jobs thoughts from the speech at Stanford University in 2005 – the importance of connecting the dots or the well-known phrase “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”.

Attention-grabbing stories in business

Nevertheless, the sorrow truth is that most of the launched business stories are incredibly boring, many times dumb or incomprehensible. Only a few of them really touch our heart and arise our curiosity. Only a few of them attract our attention and awake our emotions.

Sometimes we have to create them, but many times attention-grabbing stories already exist. You just need to explore, what exciting moments have already happened to you and your customers. Just take the necessary time and dig dipper into the soul of your company. These stories can be a great foundation for your next appealing marketing campaign.

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